UFC 216 Ferguson vs Lee Stream

Oct 7 – UFC 216 pay-per-view is a confident child of-a-bourgie, in that the headliner — an interval lightweight title battle between Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson. UFC 216 — like such a large number of different PPVs in the time of WME-IMG — is only a session of pretenses.

UFC 216 Ferguson vs Lee Stream

UFC 216 Kevin Lee vs Tony FergusonLee vs. Ferguson may be a effort discussion with taped hands. a contest for one amongst those two principals to create the type of deft, loveable statement that may convert McGregor that a triplet with Nate Dias will wait. That a title defense should happen, against AN clear ascendant of the established chain of command.

UFC 216 Ferguson vs Lee Live

That is the place we are in the present UFC — on the merry go round of Conor’s druthers. He’s a carefree tyrant that bites gum. And inasmuch as he’s to finish everything, the UFC’s go betweens are in a weird place. McGregor, as the last grand cash draw, has all the use. Until further notice, it’s his game to manage.

Lee and Ferguson are among the candidates; yet so is Diaz, and Mayweather (ha!) and GSP, and Justin Gaethje, and Paulie cracking Malignaggi. He mentioned he was occupied with “legitimizing the title,” which sounds sufficiently efficient, but on the other hand he’s taking a gander at one size of pay versus another versus another, and he’s seeing a ton of bums.

UFC 216 Ferguson vs Lee Live Free

UFC 216 has a damn decent headliner. Lee is a breakout star, and Ferguson is maybe the most unsung activity warrior going. Whoever wins will have a belt. What does that mean precisely? Who knows, man. Belts are sparkly things that even Nate Diaz can see his appearance in. Insofar as McGregor is to finish everything, there are no certifications. There’s quite recently brilliant lights and best aims and a mess of jarring for position.

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